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Recently, Leidos Heath and RSA Security presented the webinar “Hospital Hostage Crisis: Building and Effective Cyberdefense Against Ransomware Attacks.” In this informative webinar, you will learn how ransomware affects your organization and practical steps you can take to combat it.


Cyberspace is a network of networks; however, today most healthcare providers cannot see beyond their own organization to gain advance knowledge of coming threats. Leidos Health has developed a situational awareness platform to address this issue. Our tools help you see beyond your boundaries, increase the all-important window of time to respond, and stop the threats before the damage is done.

By combining years of experience providing critical information security services to private and public customers, with our healthcare expertise, Leidos Health is well positioned to bring predictive cybersecurity tools and services to your organization. We provide real-time correlation of data from outside and inside the network in order to visualize and react to actionable information. This includes:

  • Detection, diagnosis, and remediation of cyber threats
  • Continuous monitoring of internal and external activity with minimal on-sight footprint
  • Rapid incident response and forensics
  • Risk Assessments and Analysis
  • Agile development processes

Our performance is proven and our results are measurable. Contact us today to learn more about how Leidos can help your organization confidently deploy secure platforms and technologies that can improve network security and reduce costs.

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