We solve our customers’ mission-critical problems with innovative applications of technology and expertise.


We help you maximize your market position through organizational alignment, technology optimization, transformed IT organizational structures, and IT leverage to achieve return on investment.

Aligning the IT strategy with the organization’s vision and goals is not a simple task, yet it is critical to your success. Using our proven models, we ensure that the mission and strategic reason for being is clearly defined, translated into IT needs, and articulated throughout the organization.

Organizations invest millions in new technology only to realize less than optimal end-user adoption rates. We help your organization drive better clinical and financial results through optimized technology solutions that are designed to meet the needs and processes of your stakeholders.

We use a holistic approach, correlating all of the challenges into a consolidated plan for organizational transformation. We have developed sophisticated planning models that allow you to perform due diligence for all proposed programs, projects and technology purchases based on utilization growth, expected revenue, secondary financial benefits, capital costs, and operating expenses.

We have walked in your shoes. Many of our consultants have long careers in healthcare organizations, such as former CIOs and industry leaders. These firsthand experiences allow us to better understand your challenges, providing recommendations and a roadmap for success for each area.

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