We solve our customers’ mission-critical problems with innovative applications of technology and expertise.

Clinical Imaging, Informatics and Ancillary Systems (CII & AS)

Our CII & AS consultants help you achieve profitable growth by providing measurable and sustainable value to your customers. Members of this highly knowledgeable team average 18 years of experience in the radiology and cardiology markets. All have assisted both single and multi-hospital organizations. We leverage a “best practices” approach to every project, and our extensive clinical experience is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

We can help with optimizing operations, enhancing workflow, and preparing your services for future growth and expansion.

Areas of Expertise*
*This is not a comprehensive list.

  • Enterprise Imaging
  • VNA
  • RIS
  • PACS
  • CVIS
  • Surgery
  • Lab
  • Oncology

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